Our Team

FitClub TV is the brainchild of Eric Viskovicz, founder and owner of Live in Fitness, the most successful weight-loss and fitness retreat in America.

That success is a result of 20 years of not giving up, including overcoming a fire that burned his facility to the ground and staying afloat financially, while trying (and failing a lot) to discover the perfect formula for success.

Failing for a while is only failing if you quit trying. We never did and through many trial-and-error efforts we developed a scientifically proven formula that works.

What and how much you eat is important and what exercise and how much you do is important. But we discovered the crucial factor: train the mind first, and the body will follow.

Our three-part formula has helped thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of pounds, and frankly, it’s made us a good chunk of money. So why are we giving it away for free?

Because we don’t need the money, and we have an opportunity to not just help thousands but millions, and we want you to be one in a million.