About us

Eric Viskovicz and Live in Fitness has taken Fitness to a new level. For the last 20 years we have been the Pioneers of the Fitness Retreat industry that has sprung up The Biggest Loser shows and other Programs.

We have Revolutionized the industry by changing how we use tests to maximize weight loss, monitor and increase lean mass, customize individual fitness programs and have created customized meal plan for each and every person that walks through our doors. This is how we have worked with the Clippers, Athletes, Stars, Princes and Princess’s of Countries and Government Diplomats.

Over the the many years of experience we have tweaked and changed our program by adding a Life Coach/Behavior Component complete with workshops and a whole Preparing for Home curriculum, a Customized Meal Plan with individual engineered Macros and Complete Educational Nutrition, and 30-40 hours of tailored Coach Exercise. We then spent 5 years constructing an aftercare program that Matched the 20 years of success we have had with our clients.